Wall Mount Power Supply Units by FARADAY Electronics® are applied in video control systems, cable and satellite TV systems, sales register systems, charging devices and small sized devices with power consumption up to 18 W.

Schematic technical solutions of these power supply units are very often used for developing Open Frame and OEM power supply units.

Frames of these power supply units are intended for plugging into a standard socket of 110-220 W. Cable length is output terminal are defined by customers.

Power supply units with USB terminal are often used for charging iPads, mobile phones and wearable devices. The most popular models are 12Wt/WM and 18 Wt/WM with output voltage of 12 V with standard plug and socket units for video camera power supply which are always available at storage facility. Models with the following output voltage are always ready for an order: 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 36, and 48 W. Usually, we complete power supply units with output noise filter on cables.

Forty percent of power supply models FARADAY Electronics® are designed according to the order. Some of them have become our standard models. Here are the datasheets for some custom models. If you have a an order for 2000 products, we will develop the power supply free of charge.

    Minimum data, without which it would be difficult to talk about the cost and timing of the development of a pilot sample and party supplies:
  • Purpose Unit: Led driver, charger, switching power supply …
  • Power supply type: AC / DC, DC / DC, AC / AC (stabilization of current or voltage), Uninterruptible (AC / DC, DC / DC, AC / AC)
  • Body type: Enclosed, Wall Mount, Plastic Housing, Open Frame (specify if you want IP67, for example)
  • Case Size / linings:
  • Overall dimensions of PCB, landing places, pin positions- drawing.
  • Operating temperature range: -20 … +65
  • Input voltage:
  • Output Power, Wt:
  • Input voltage, V:
  • The output voltage, V1, V2, V3 …:
  • The need to adjust the output voltage adjustment range:
  • Input connector:
  • Type of output connectors:
  • Display mode: LED
  • Efficiency (min):
  • PFC (Yes, No, ratio):
  • Cos φ (for LED):
  • I / O interface:
  • Additional outputs:

Just send its terms of reference through our order form. Most likely we already have the solution to your power problems!


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