Offer to your attention PSU brand FARADAY Electronics®.

You’re already familiar with our power supply is not by hearsay! Some of them are designed and manufactured to order, the bulk of sales is our standard range. Our products find application in industries such as: fire-protection systems, access, video surveillance systems, medical equipment, data transmission system and a radio signal, and cash register equipment, industrial equipment, uninterruptible power systems, battery chargers.

    The application of advanced technology and nonstandard ideas in designing and manufacturing have allowed us to create high-quality power supply units having the following characteristics:
  • The minimum size of the body in its class.
  • Wide range of output voltage adjustable multi-turn resistor. By order models are available with adjustable output voltage range: 3-5V, 5-9V, 9-15V, 12-24V, 24-36V, 36-50V, 50-65V, 65-75V.
  • protection of unit against surges input voltage, short circuit protection, output over-voltage, for some models – thermal protection.
  • Can be mounted aluminum enclosures for DIN rail mounting a specially designed quick-DIN holder.
  • High efficiency – at least 82%.
  • Low noise and ripple.
  • Compliance with international safety standards and interoperability.

Building blocks made in production, located in Shenzhen, China. Included constructive aluminum and plastic housing , transformers, coils and chokes we produce on their own. 8-hour burn-in-test before packing guarantees 100% uptime units in the party. Covering PCB transformers and special high temperature lacquer gives the opportunity to use our units under high humidity and temperature. The application of Japanese and Taiwanese components – electrolytic capacitors, PWM, MOSFET, diodes, ferrite transformers guarantee operation of units is not less than 3 years. Obligatory certification and testing during the production of noise and ripple , starting current, leakage current breakdown voltage, EMI and EMCdetermines the high quality of the final product. Each lot is passes sampling inspection in the laboratory for compliance with standards – UL60950, EN55022, EN61000, EN55024, EN50130, GB4943, and upon request, and any other necessary tests.
Our standard line of power supplies provides solutions capable of satisfying the most demanding customer. For customers looking for innovative approaches, we offer development of power supply according to the technical specifications.

To order the development or if you got some issues use order form.


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