Stamping – one of the most progressive, simple and cheap technologies for the production of blanks and finished parts of engineering products, instrumentation, electronic and computing facilities. On instrument-making and machine-building enterprises and 75% of the blanks and parts made by stamping. High-quality and properly designed stamp is the basis for manufacturing of Your metal and plastic products.

Shells to our power supplies in an aluminum casing made by stamping aluminum tape and lock cases for radio sheet – by steel stamping. Methods of sheet material (stamping) divided into the following classes: punching, bending, forming, drawing dies, etc. On temperature to cold and hot forming. By the number of machine operations – sequential or combined action. Knowing how it will look your item, we will develop an appropriate stamp for your equipment, our equipment or offer to sell hydraulic or power presses manufactured in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China.


  • Send request to us and you will receive comprehensive information on the manufacturing cost of the stamp, and details of coating of the finished part.