Company Faraday Electronics takes orders for production of single and bilateral, multi-layer, flexible, flex-rigid, aluminum, RF and microwave, very complex, with a metallic end and half of openings, different coatings of printed circuit boards . We work with several factories located in Shenzhen (China). At the same industries we order the production of printed circuit boards for power supply Faraday Electronics.
Technological characteristics of standard materials you can download on the links: FR4, FR2 CEM-1 ALU FLEX .

We accept orders in any format, but the most desirable format gerbers. Here you can read what information should be in each layer gerber-files as well as look at theright prepared gerber-files.
Technological limitations lines of printed circuit boards are available here.
The average production time for boards with ELECTRICAL ADAPTER 10-12 days for dress with FLY ELECTRICAL – 14 days. Depending on the type of delivery of air, sea or express delivery time may vary from 3 days to 12 weeks.

Very often, the customer has a large range of printed circuit boards for the same kind of material, but the number of cards in order are small – in this case, we do offer multi-workpieces which have several different boards. The cost of pre-production and the price per square decimeter incomparably smaller than when you order these cards separately. Examples of finished pieces can be found here – Example 1 and пример 2.

Our price for single orders for regular customers, we offer a flexible discount system depending on the type and size of delivery of the order. For example, the cost ofsample PCB on multi-workpiece with a mask and silkscreen for our customer from St. Petersburg was 55 $ with express delivery and electrical control.
For quick order from the site use request form, ordering complex boards with gerber-files, send us a form with PCB parameters.

Our years of experience will allow you to avoid mistakes in the design phase, the wiring layers of the PCB, generate gerber files, sample order. Contact for any questions via the order form or directly to your manager.

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