FARADAY Electronics® offers services for the development and production of silicone, membrane and combined (hybrid) keyboards in iron, plastic housing or open-frame design. Depending on area of use of the final product – cash registers, remote control, industrial equipment remote controls, handheld devices, etc. to keyboards of are different requirements for its resistance to climatic conditions, tactile effect, outer coating resistance, guaranteed number of clicks on the button to failure, the contact resistance. Knowing these parameters, we will match you with optimal manufacturing technology to ensure the highest quality with preservation of reasonable prices.

Silicone keyboards usually used in devices where high resistance to number of key presses is required, for example – in cash registers, remote controls, password entry devices to access the various devices and protection.

Major distinctive features of silicone keyboards is high organoleptic properties, reliability and convenience of data entry, pronounced tactile effect and resistance to abrasion, moisture and heat.

Keyboard may be various, including spot colors, which increases the readability, allows you to select the input area and makes your device more ergonomic. Thanks to the technology of applying paint, writings and drawings on the keys are not erased with the time and remain as bright and clear as the first day. The most interesting are the following technologies formation and protecting the image or inscription on the keys:

The laser engraving клавиш – it is the heat treatment process for overcoat layer of keyboard to highlight and display an inscription or picture. You can also be used to remove a layer of paint that will make it possible to highlight the inscription or figure below.

Epoxy coating is used to improve wear resistance of the surface layer of the keysas well as improving effect on the perception of touch and visually. The surface can be glossy, rough and convex.

PC covering is recommended for protection of keys exposed to intensive mechanical stress. This spray-coating is applied after all other processes. This coating provides a good level of protection for key names from the erasure.
Plastic protection of buttons designed for mobile phones keyboards. It protects rubber keyboard and provides a reliable tactile feedback. Plastic protection chiclet keyboard is widely used by our customers.

Rubber keyborad + Mylar layer were first used in the mobile phone market. Chiclet keyboard, pressed with a Mylar layer gives a very strong tactile response with a very short course of keys. By varying the degree of hardness of the rubber substrate can fine tune the response effort to keys. Mylar layer is connected to the circuit board and thus provides a degree of protection from penetration moisture into the unit.

Membrane keyboards are used in many devices such as universal component with low cost. With the help of reliable and easy to clean membrane keyboards, creating front panels, which may also contain LEDs, displays and shielding elements.

Each keyboard includes a bottom contact layer, a separating layer and an outer top layer, which can be made in various forms at the touch. The upper graphical layer can be given any the surface relief and color according to color scheme PMC or Pantone.
 Key types for membrane keyboards
 Example of drawing membrane keyboard
 Layout colors for membrane keyboards

Hybrid keyboards combine itselfthe best properties of the silicone itself and membrane keypads installed in iron or plastic housing or open-frame design. The top layer is a silicone (iron or plastic) button color and shape which can give the desired product design and ergonomics. Below – a membrane keyboard, the layers which may contain metal buttons, LEDs and cables of any suitable size. Vandal-proof keyboard as well apply to hybrid keyboards which include not only silicon, membrane keyboard, as well as housing and carrying a printed circuit board, like the keyboard is very often used at ATMs.

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